ISIS wandelt met het grootste gemak Europa binnen en de EU wil heel graag nog meer terreurmoslims ophalen

Aan een ander voorstel van de Europese Commissie wil Nederland alleen gehoor geven als andere landen meedoen. Dat heeft betrekking op het uitnodigen van vluchtelingen die in kampen buiten de Europese Unie verblijven. Nu nodigt Nederland per jaar 500 vluchtelingen uit. Dat is meer dan de meeste Europese landen.

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Jawel, haal ze gewoon zelf op joh. Wij betalen wel en laten op termijn onze hals doorsnijden om ze ter wille te zijn.



Europe is accepting these refugees for humanitarian reasons. Anyone who raises concerns about how the Islamic State is exploiting the situation to send people to Europe and the U.S. to sow blood and destruction is denounced as “Islamophobic.” All will be well and all manner of thing will be well as we demonize and silence the “Islamophobes,” refrain from “provoking” the jihadis, and march together into the glorious multicultural future.

“Sources: ISIS terrorists using chaotic Libya as new ‘route to the West,’” by Adam Housley, Fox News, June 12, 2015 (thanks to Kenneth):

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic State terrorists are said to be using Libya ‎as an “entry point” into Europe, with intelligence sources on the ground in Africa telling Fox News at least 30 ISIS fighters who left from the country have been “picked up” by the Italians in recent weeks.

The purported terrorists all claimed refugee status but American ‎and European agents believe this is a clear indication that ISIS terrorists have come into Europe virtually untouched.

“There is no way you can block it,” one told Fox News. “Libya is now an easy entry point into the E.U. and ultimately into the U.S. for ISIS. They are saying, this is the way to America.”

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Bron: Fubar

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