Ukraine demands $1 trillion from Russia over Crimea & Donbass – Yatsenyuk

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk ©  Stringer
                                                                                                Putin’s balls are this big.

Kiev will demand $1 trillion from Moscow as compensation for the loss of Crimea and its alleged activities in Donbass, according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk. Ukraine has also offered Russia until October 29 to accept a debt-restructuring deal over its $3 billion debt or go to the courts.

“We are ready for judicial proceedings,” said Yatsenyuk.

The Kremlin was surprised by Ukraine’s intention to demand $1 trillion from Russia.

“Crimea is the territory of the Russian Federation. Donbass is the territory of Ukraine. How did they get that $1 trillion? It is not clear,” Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told TASS. He added that if Ukraine doesn’t repay the debt in full, Moscow will declare it in default

In June 2014, Yatsenyuk said Kiev would demand one trillion Ukrainian hryvnia ($90 billion) from Russia. Since then, the Ukrainian currency has dropped almost 50 percent.


Ukraine’s $3 billion debt to Russia is due December.

“On October 29 we again asked Russia to decide whether they are ready to accept Ukraine’s conditions,” said Yatsenyuk.

He urged Russia to “join normal countries that made the decision to restructure [Kiev’s debt].”

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Bron: RT


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