Do you wanna live or die ???


the authority wants you to be unarmed ,but what are you gonna do?

give up your home protection ?

trust the police that the will be there in time ?


do you know what criminals and outlaws read this sign ?

just go inside rob and kill them all and get away with it…..


so again dont be a sheep …….

one day you will thank me for this post…..

get armed and be ready for it …..

your country have a no gun policy ….

use the grey brain in your head …..

Crossbow 2

yeah thats right people a crossbow ….not just a crossbow ….

get one strong enough to give you some reach think about 150 to 200 lbs r.a.w power ….get one use one train with it …make sure you can tap someone out there before the enter your house ……

put a red dot and flashlight on that sucker too ……

need close quarters combat gear ?


look at this sucker its powerful enough too take one down at short range 80 lbs steel tip arrows will penetrate a human skull if need be…

now your prepared and armed and ready if the police come to late your not that sheep that walking kabab waiting to be vandalized,bushwacked , raped , or murdered …..

your ready ….now breath!!!!

Bron: Hans Stellingsma


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