”This is World War III”


The Danish (leftist) mainstream newspaper Ekstra Bladet concludes after the Paris terror: We are at war. World War III has started:

“The attacks in Paris is an act of war committed by the Islamic State’s terrorist army. Right now we are scared and shocked, although terrorism is by no means a new phenomenon. Since September 11, 2001, we have been forced to live with the fear of terrorism. And it is of course what IS, Al-Qaida and other terrorist movements want.”

“It is understandable that we are afraid. 2015 seems to just get darker and darker. And what about 2016? Why do these Islamists hate us so much that they are ready to kill completely random people who just enjoy the warm autumn evening on a street in Paris, or shoot dead happy, innocent youngsters at a rock concert?”, the newspaper asks, and thus shows that it has not really understood much, except that war in Europe is fast approaching:

“Unfortunately it is not enough to meet the IS army with openness and democracy.

Because if we only use these ‘weapons’, then we destroy ourselves.”

“We MUST agree that even if we have to use methods that in no way fit a democracy, it is necessary. It’s the only way we can combat hatred. We are actually at war.”

“I am normally not in favor of war, but the terrorist army IS must be fought with war. This is World War III”, it says.

Bron: Speisa


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